"What a blessing for me tonight to go see Kraig Parker he is so talented and can make anyone smile with his
Elvis tribute he is one of the best artists around and he can really put on a great show if you ever get the chance
go see one of his performances you won’t be disappointed.

Dave Zentgraf


I have loved Elvis since I was just a little girl, but sadly the King passed several years before I was born.
I've always watched his movies and performances, listened to almost every song he made, and just adored him.
I've always wished that I could have seen him in concert. Well on Friday, December 18, 2015 Kraig Parker
and the Royal Tribute Band performed at the CAC here in Temple, Texas and I was absolutely blown away by
everything! Kraig has the looks as well as the voice and is the closest to Elvis I believe I will ever see.

I will definitely be getting tickets to more of his shows. Thank you so much Kraig Parker and The Royal Tribute Band.




My sister and I went to see your concert in Lake Jackson this past Saturday.  Truthfully, I didn’t know what to expect. 
I’ve seen other Elvis impersonators and wasn’t that impressed.  But I was finding myself forgetting that you weren’t really Elvis. 
My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed the show so much and if you ever come back, plan on going again and bringing the rest of our family. 
You are truly awesome and I really love your faith in God and it shows through in your show. 
I also enjoyed your band and back up singers.


God bless you and your family and I wish continued success for you.  Thanks for giving us a truly memorable night.



Kelly Araguz


The King:
What I remember is crying and trying to understand the words “it was all before you was
born.” I had grown up watching his movies, listening to his music and dreaming of the day I would meet him, but
finally I was old enough to grasp the words Momma said, “Baby he died a few years before you were
born.” Heartbroken….yep that just about sums it up… My dad had so many of his records, nothing like
listening to Elvis on a vinyl record. I watched every movie, 2 in particular my parents bought
many times because I’d simply wore ‘em out. Watching his Hawaiian Concert took my breath away, just
sitting in our living room snuggled up to my dad. We even took an unforgettable trip to Graceland, but unable to
see him, the man, the star, the king, well something was simply missing. Now don’t get me wrong, I am well
aware Kraig Parker is not Elvis, however for a generation that missed Elvis himself, sitting in that
concert in Corsicana, Tx. is as close as I’d ever come. The songs and the
atmosphere transported me back to that little girl who loved Elvis and still does all these years
later. The best part was sharing this experience with my fabulous husband and 7 year old daughter,
who is a whole newgeneration of Elvis Fan.

Special Thanks to Kraig Parker!!
You gave an old little girl a memory of Elvis she will take to her grave.
May The Lord Bless you and your band as you continue to bless others.
You truly embody everything I could of imagined in Elvis.
May that memory live on.



Dear Kraig,

Your performance today at Winstar was simply amazing. I found myself choking back a few tears because as a child 'Elvis' singing 
was soothing to me and would take me to another place. I kept my Elvis records and since then collected memorabilia. I think god created within you the gift 
to share this talent and keep Elvis's legend going. I could go on and on but for me if i don't get to see you perform again i will never forget. 
My husband and I celebrated our 12 anniversary and this was our gift to each other. He was diagnosed with lung cancer last year and since then 
had surgery but it has returned. We sang with a live church band for three years and enjoyed it. It showed you are a man of god when you sang
 " How Great Thou Art." I pray you will go very far. God bless you, your band, singers and all the behind the scenes personnel.

Sincerely, Sabrina


Dear Kraig,

I just had to tell you again how AWESOME you were at the Uptown & Irving Arts Center!
Your performance at both shows was AMAZING!!!! You were HOT!HOT!HOT! You hit every note & then held it, & held it,
& held it! My heart beats a little faster every time I think about that FANTASTIC weekend! You made Elvis proud.

Thanks for all you do for your fans! Because of you, "THE LEGEND LIVES ON"!

I'm looking forward to seeing you with the FWSO at Bass Hall. Yeah,Baby!

Love ya!


 I am the age Elvis would be if he was still living. Being from the deep south, brought up in the same
denomination church, being from a lowly background, but proud....Elvis lives on in my heart, mind and soul.

I was never got to see Elvis, but always wanted to. Last evening my husband took me to Winstar Casino in
Thackerville, Okla. to see Kraig's performance and I truly felt I was seeing my Elvis for the first time......I have
been to Graceland many times and on my car radio I have Sirius radio and have it set on Channel l9 which is strictly Elvis. 

Thank you Kraig for allowing me to feel as if I was truly seeing Elvis for the time we were there.
I got to meet Kraig, had my picture made with him and purchased several items...Now, I will always be a fan
of Kraig's.... May God always bless you and your endeavors.... Kraig treated his fans so warmly and I know he
was not feeling well. Seemed to hang it there though, like I think Elvis would have done.

Betty Deavers



Hi Kraig

My husband and I saw your concert yesterday at the Winstar Casino and what a great show it was! We are both huge 
Elvis fans and what a great way to celebrate the Kings birthday!

It was the second time we saw you in concert and we enjoyed it a lot and had a good time

I stood in line afterwards and you autographed the scarf for me, I was able to snatch earlier. 
Thanks! Also, thank you for being so patient with all your fans and you and your wife are so nice and sweet to them. 
A lot of entertainers aren't like that and I thought, that was really nice of you.

Thanks again for a great show and we will be back for sure!

Monika and Joe


The "Eras of Elvis" concert was awesome! You were fantastic in each one.
 I have never seen you do young Elvis before. You had the voice and the moves down pat. Loved the shoes. 
This was a great night out for us. There were 10 of us and some had never seen you perform. Now they are fans.